our service

We offer the following services:


Our experienced team is familiar with all the technologies, construction methods and working principles used in high-pressure equipment. With our extensive store of machinery and strong partner firms for specific manufacturing disciplines, we can carry out professional repairs in the shortest time and also repair makes from other manufacturers.

Our focus is on the repair of pressure intensifiers for hydroforming and isostatic presses. For numerous makes we have spare and wear parts such as seals, plungers, position sensors, filling valves, check valves, manifolds etc. in stock. Additionally, we can quickly obtain or manufacture any other spare parts. After dismantling we draw up a cost estimate. Damage and wear are documented photographically. For certain models (e.g. Schuler, Rexroth and Haarwood) we can provide you with prices and delivery times for 'normal' worn assemblies upfront.

Commissioning and installation

Along with delivery of pump assemblies, test benches, autoclave systems etc., we offer commissioning at the installation site. During the process, we train future users and operators so they can quickly learn how to work safely and efficiently with the supplied systems. If an installation inspection is required, we support you as the commissioning party by resolving any outstanding issues with the respective notified body.


Targeted modification of the stress state by autofrettage can significantly increase the service life of pressure-bearing components in anticipation of a high number of load cycles. We can carry out autofrettage based on your specifications or using suitable parameters defined with our assistance. Autofrettage can be done at pressures of up to 15,000 bar. Electronic recording of the pressure profile and component strain is likewise possible.

Pressure testing and burst testing

We have a range of pressure generators and pressure-generating assemblies as well as several differently sized test chambers at our disposal for carrying out various pressure and burst tests. Our capabilities include pressure testing to 15,000 bar and electronic recording of pressure profiles during testing.